Nine to Five Nine to Five

Nine to Five

Our first apparel collection for Fall/Winter 2018, Nine to Five, explores the hidden joys of working in a dynamic urban environment.

The collection will speak on behalf of Jakarta’s urban workers, with their unique ways to survive and thrive in a chaotic situation. Amidst crazy traffic, unforgiving weather, and high pressure at work; these people managed to find small bits in their work habits that can bring meaning to their life. From a cup of Es Kopi Susu to a shared work playlist, no matter how simple they might be, people’s sources of energy at work are different and worth celebrating.

This collection aims to present these unique stories in a form of work-ready clothing that are more exciting than the current landscape. With a nod to classical menswear silhouette norm, Contentment’s Nine to Five serves as a reinterpretation of staple office wear through a modern utilitarian lens.

We wanted to bring a fresh take on smart casual attire that can fit in any real life situation, from the hottest pavements to the coldest meeting rooms. That’s why, we chose fabrics that are breathable and highly adaptable, and we crafted them into thoughtfully designed pieces of well-fitted outerwear, shirts, and T-shirts. We also added in a few subtle but quirky details to represent the many facets of Jakarta’s working lifestyle.