Defining Smart Casual Defining Smart Casual

Defining Smart Casual

By Contentment Team

Defining Smart Casual Defining Smart Casual

A guide to stay comfortable while still looking sharp in the office.

Written by Praditya Dwi Wicaksono & Wisnu Aryo Setio
Illustration by Yudit Halim.

First, it’s the appearance of the ping pong tables in the office. Then, all the cubicle partitions are gone and replaced with open office layout. Lastly, the HR department start sending emails to all employees, encouraging them to work from home and attend social events. With the prevalence of startup culture around the world, companies are embracing the forward thinking notion of blurring the lines between work and play. It’s one of the ways for employers to attract the millenialmillennial crowd and trying to still be relevant in the age of Instagrammable office space and crazy office parties.

Of course, another thing that is also disrupted by this movement is the way people dress up to work. Gone are the days when employees are obliged to show up in the office wearing a three-piece suit and shiny tie. Now, people can go to the office wearing (almost) anything that they like, since companies are embracing comfort over appearance. So, spotting people going back and forth in CBDs wearing t-shirt and jeans is not a strange thing anymore.

The main question is, at times when wearing casual outfit to the office becomes acceptable by the general society, is it actually... appropriate? The idea of wearing casual attire to the office might feel liberating, yet it feels so blurry since there are no ground rules in what exactly the proper attire for work is nowadays.

Enter smart casual, a term that has been said for so many time but somehow has lost its original meaning. Smart casual is a way of dressing up neatly yet comfortably, while considering your work environment and objective, in which it requires creativity in mixing style and mood towards particular occasions.

The full article is available on Contentment Magazine Issue 001 - Nine to Five.


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