Interview Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian Interview Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian

Interview Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian

By Contentment Team

Interview Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian Interview Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian

Welcome to Contentment Tunes; we offer enjoyably mixed genre music playlist handpicked by various contributors. Furthermore, we conducted a mini interview to discover their inspiration and mood behind the music compilation.

Our first contributor, Eriel Prifian shared his energizing playlist that contains classic 70s and 80s Disco tunes. He chose various notable yet timeless musicians that were out of trends such as Stevie Wonder, Odyssey, and Dionne Warwick. As my first experience listening to the playlist, I feel the festive spirits behind every track; the music arrangement, beats, and vocal conveys such a high-spirited harmony. To be honest, I am not used to listening to this particular eras, but I get it why it’s called Disco; accidentally my shoulder moved beat by beats, as soon I realized I began to dance.

Why have you picked these songs?

There are two Reasons why I picked these songs: firstly, because most of these songs could uplift your mood and Secondly, I love disco/soul music. Especially ones from the 70s to 80s era. It feels like dancing but in your workspace!

When or where should this playlist be listened to?

Well, you could listen to them every day in your workspace. But, these songs also suit most for your weekend starter songs

Is there a certain song you repeatedly listen to during the different parts of your working hour?

Yes, Dionne Warwick - always something there to remind me. Why? Because this song is quite flirty (or flirtatious? Idk) as well as uplifting at the same time

Can you tell us how this playlist can affect your working hours?

Most of the songs in this Playlist consists of dance/disco and soul music genre. When we are listening to the disco songs, we felt so energizing with their beat. Wouldn't it will be amazing to feel the energy of the dance floor in your workspace?

Contentment Tunes: Eriel Prifian is available on Spotify. To explore the complete music playlist, please click the link below:


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