Creative Juices #1 Creative Juices #1

Creative Juices #1

By Contentment Team

Creative Juices #1 Creative Juices #1

by Praditya 

Creativity is like random atoms, spreading across the world try to find someone to be nested. Subtly floating from one’s head to another, flourishing enthusiasm and reason to emerge. I get fascinated by the word itself, how it emerges from conversation to creation, how a person determined to push the idealism to appear in this world. Creativity's not what meets the eye, in fact there's more into it.

It has been my long-life journey to find and understand what’s creativity means, or should I say it’s my lifetime curiosity. As our second collection celebrated the grandeur notion of creativity, let me share some interesting references that I discovered when I was researching this collection; from books, articles, to docuseries. Hopefully you are entertained by this article and can also be as fascinated as me about this particular topic. So here it is:

 “In Praise of Doing Nothing: How to turn boredom into brilliant ideas”   website article is my daily go-to information when it comes to creative juices and discovering fascinated emerging artists. Among thousands of amazing articles, I am stunned by this particular article talking about boredom and how it actually can turn into a brilliant idea it stated that you are encouraged to praise yourself for doing nothing. Oh, not to mention, Kati Szilagyo's remarkable visual portrayal makes you want to stay on the article a bit longer, the illustration is so engaging.

Our thoughts have been replaced by entertainment devices, Instagram replacing our imagination and fantasies by drama from Netflix. Hence, it reduces our ability to portray more wildly imaginative thought to yield authentic ideas and creativity. Therefore, putting a pause for your head to not trying to consume any source of entertainment and embrace boredom; If you can’t find the stimulation for your boredom externally, you’ll find it internally, because your mind is always active. Therefore, mind wandering or letting your mind taking care of your boredom is a pretty good creative process. It’s similar to dreaming, accessing the subconscious, and make connections between things, which leads to new ideas.

You know now why some people found their Eureka when they’re showering or driving; because you almost couldn’t access your distraction devices (not really, you have podcast right now lol), hence you only relying on your mind to stimulate your entertainment. But, let’s be honest here, you always have a way to cope with your boredom especially our phones filled with entertainment to cater to all of our senses. But, when you’re in boredom position, please don’t run into your phone, just let boredom dominate your mind and give our brain a chance to overcome this. Trust me, Eureka will find its way to you when you left your mind open to it.

“Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear” by Elizabeth Gilbert                                Inspirational Book

 You may know Liz Gilbert from her best-selling novel Eat Pray Love, but she has a lot more to offer in Big Magic book. This book is about creativity, her point of view about creative living was adamantly authentic; she teases us with so much brilliant and engaging quotes that personally became the lifetime quote that I put in my screensaver and IG bio. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t believe in creativity as a tool or just like any other business book, but she appreciates creativity as something magical that it is some random chances and subtly looking for people to grasp it, indeed people who ready for it.

Furthermore, creative living is about being curious, not passionate, in fact the passion is overrated and brought so much burden and pressure for you. Otherwise, being curious is liberating and adventurous, your things based on your intellectual instincts which wanting to try a new experience or learning new things, for instance; I make a collection for my brand to understand the new product development process, so you might see significant differences in contentment’s first and second collection because I made out of curiosity to learn new stuff.

However, to be committed to creative living, “living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than fear”, you shall believe that creativity not solely tied to the word success of failure, but it’s the emphasis of love. What do you love doing so much that the words failure and success essentially become irrelevant? “Do whatever brings you to life, then. Follow your fascinations, obsessions, and compulsions. Trust them. Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart.” Man, so much thing I can say about this book, but trust me you should be discovered by yourself, maybe you find greater learning than what I wrote here.

 “Abstract: The Art of Design”                                                       Netflix Docuseries

Lastly, I am so fascinated by understanding different disciplines, especially the legends in their disciplines. Netflix provides us with so many remarkable documentaries, but I hooked for this one “Abstract: The Art of Design, it’s about series of designers in broad disciplines from illustrators, footwear designer, and also the unique one such as toy designer and biological architecture. Every episode is based on real-life designer stories; their background profile, how they get their ideas and transforms into designs, and most of all their art expression beneath their problem-solving designs.

Some notable designers also telling they’re behind the scene of their groundbreaking creations such as Tinker Hatfield producing famous Air Max silhouette. On top of that, every episode presented with different distinct visual and narrative portraying the designer’s personalities, it’s visually pleasing. I’m guaranteed you will find spices of inspiration from watching this.

 My most-favorites episodes are:

  1. Christoph Niemman: Illustrator
  2. Tinker Hatfield: Footwear Designer
  3. Paula Scher: Graphic Designer
  4. Olafur Eliasson: Artist
  5. Neri Oxman: Bio Architecture




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